Hi, I am the .

I’ll tell you when your app becomes too large.

$ bundlecop submit \
    --projectKey ahniemooT6aiH1ho2shu5Eng7uu6ke \
    --bundleset 3463934343322349 \

Check pull requests

BundleCop updates pull requests with size information.

Keep track

Which commits are responsible for a size increase?

Fail your tests

If your chosen limits or thresholds are exceeded, do not allow a build to complete.

Keep your file sizes down. Performance is a feature. Small file sizes are key to webapp performance, especially on mobile. BundleCop works by helping you report file sizes to our analyzer.
Asset 2webpack Plugin. Easily send data from any webpack-based project. Read more.
Use with any tech or stack. Using our CLI, you can monitor the size of your .exe, .ipa, image files or anything else. Read more.
We support your CI. We get data like branch name or parent commit from the CI and repo, so we know what to compare to. See supported tools.
Coming Soon
Receive notifications when file sizes exceed limits.
Coming Soon
Send to Slack. We'll send updates to your team channels.
Coming Soon
Integrates with Github. Can post status updates to pull requests.
Asset 2
Coming Soon
Browse webpack bundles. Look inside your bundles to know why they are big. Any stat is ready to browse.

Fight dependency-creep, make your app fast