Source Control and CI Integrations

When submitting file size readings, there is ideally some metadata about what that a reading represents, such as a commit id or a branch name; this allows BundleCop to decide which two readings should be compared with each other. Have a look at the more in-depth discussion if you want to know more.

To make things easier for you, the BundleCop submission tools will try their best to figure this information out on their own, by looking at your local repository, as well as searching for environment variables from known CI systems.

Supported CI systems

BundleCop will read the environment variables from the following CI systems. Note that the information provided by different CI tools differs, however, they always provide a commit id, and generally also a branch name. They never provide a parent commit id.

Supported version control systems

Currently, only git is supported. If a repository can be found, we try to determine, and submit:

  • The current branch.
  • The current commit sha.
  • The parent commit’s sha.