We've got a plan for you.

Projects: 1
Readings: 50/mo
Use BundleCop for free, for one private project.
Single Developer
Projects: Unlimited
Readings: 100/mo
Try for free for 15 days.
$5 / mo
billed every three months
We want you to use this for all your side projects, so we are only limiting the number of readings.
Projects: Unlimited
Readings: Unlimited
Try for free for 15 days.
$39 / mo
For bigger teams that have a lot of data to submit.

OpenSource project? ✓ Always free.

Every public repository on Github counts as an OpenSource project.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What's a reading?

Every time you submit the state of the files you want to watch, it counts as a single reading. This reading can include multiple files, and additional data.

How does the trial work?

You can use all the features for the 15 days time period. If you cancel before the trial ends, you'll not be charged.

What happens if I change plans?

If you upgrade your plan, the change will take effect immediately, and the cost of your current plan will be applied towards the new plans cost. If you downgrade, you'll stay on your current plan until your current billing period expires.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. You'll be able to continue to use the service until the paid billing period expires.